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Andrew Cruse

  • Assistant Professor, Knowlton Schl of Architecture
  • 275 W Woodruff Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210


  • "In the Air: Architectural Representations of Climate." 2014, Presented at Re-Cycle, Trento, IT|ITA
  • "Defining Thermal Comfort: An Historical Perspective on Energy and Design." 2015, Presented at Symposium on Building Energy and Environment, Columbus, US|USA
  • "Getting Comfortable: Environment, Energy and the Search for Standards." 2015, Presented at Research in Process, Chicago, US|USA
  • "Energy Hierarchies and Building Design." 2016, Presented at OSU Green Home Workshop, Columbus, US|USA
  • "Eisenman's Wexner and Oppenheimer's S-337473." 2017, Presented at Wexner Center for the Arts Gallery Talk, Columbus, US|USA
  • "Comfort Zones and Weather Patterns." 2016, Presented at BTES 2017 Conference, Des Moines, US|USA
  • "Site Planning and Development class." 2016, Presented at Site Planning Class, Columbus, US|USA

Papers in Proceedings


  • Andrew Cruse "The Heated Position: Some Methods in Question." in ACSA 105th Annual Meeting. Washington DC, (4 2017). 150 - 165.


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  • Andrew Cruse "Transparent Stone." JOURNAL: "Conference Proceedings." in Energy Forum on Advanced Building Skins. (10 2014). 807 - 816.


  • Andrew Cruse "Comfort Zones and Weather Patterns." in BTES 2017 Conference.