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Sandra Metzler

  • Asst Professor of Practice, Mechanical & Aerospace Engr
  • 201 W 19th Ave
    W296N Scott Lab
    Columbus, OH 43210

Journal Articles


  • Bayly, P.V.; Metzler, S.A.; Schaut, A.J.; Young, K.A., 2001, "Theory of torsional chatter in twist drills: Model, stability analysis and composition to test." Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transactions of the ASME 123, no. 4, 552-561 - 552-561.


  • Bayly, P.V.; Schaut, A.J.; Metzler, S.A.; Young, K.A., 2000, "Theory of torsional chatter in twist drills: Model, stability analysis and comparison to test." American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineering Division, MED 11, 899-906 - 899-906.

Papers in Proceedings


  • Metzler, S.A.; Lilly, B.W. "Implementation of a novel second-year mechanical engineering course to the curriculum." (1 2015).


  • Freyder, D.R.; Metzler, S.A.; Eiselstein, N.; Greaves, J. "Biomechanical analysis of a Complex dynamic task via integrated motion capture and 3DSSPP." (12 2009).


  • Metzler, S.A.; Bookwalter, J.C.; Eiselstein, N.P. "Motion capture applications in forensic injury accident reconstruction." (12 2007).


  • Metzler, S.A.; Hucker, W.J.; Yin, F.C.P. "Effect of mechanical stretch and shortening on the stiffness of human aortic endothelial cells." (12 2002).
  • Hucker, W.J.; Metzler, S.A.; Yin, F.C.P. "A numerical analysis of the mechanosensory hypothesis of brush border microvilli." (12 2002).


  • Metzler, S.A.; Bayly, P.V.; Reek, S.; Ideker, R.E. et al. "Stability analysis of ventricular tachycardia using discrete dynamic models." in International Conference of the IEEE Engineering-in-Medicine-and-Biology-Society. (1 1997).