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Gajan Sivandran

  • 2070 Neil Avenue
    417B Hitchcock Hall
    Columbus, OH 43210

Journal Articles


  • Sivandran,Gajan; Bras,Rafael,L, 2012, "Identifying the optimal spatially and temporally invariant root distribution for a semiarid environment." WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH 48, W12525 -
  • Gentine,Pierre; D'Odorico,Paolo; Lintner,Benjamin,R; Sivandran,Gajan; Salvucci,Guido, 2012, "Interdependence of climate, soil, and vegetation as constrained by the Budyko curve." GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 39, L19404 -


  • Wang,J; Bras,R,L; Sivandran,G; Knox,R,G, 2010, "A simple method for the estimation of thermal inertia." GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 37, L05404 -