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International Projects

  1. Honduras, Montaña de Luz HIV/AIDS Orphanage, Edgar Casale and Chris Ratcliff:  See ECOS web site and course web site, and the video overview of the program in the time range of 2007-2008.
  2. Colombia (several cities), Kevin Passino on humanitarian engineering education.

  3. Ghana, Africa, project in City and Regional Planning (KSA), contact Kim Burton.  "Ghana sustainable change program," with more information here.  See the video about the trip. For more information, click here.

  4. Ghana, Africa, engineering project trip, contact Chris Ratcliff, and click here for more information.

  5. Guatemala, Lake Atitlan area, contact Rachel Tuttle.  Working with the NGO Mayan Families.  

  6. India project trip, Sheryl Sorby and Lisa Abrams, click here.

  7. Tanzania, project trip contact Michael Hagenberger.

  8. Paraguay, Asuncion and the Toba Qom community, contact Kevin Passino.

  9. Gambia, EWB student group, contact Amanda Davey

  10. "weCAR": Humanitarian Engineering - CAR Partnership (Center for Automotive Research): Project to collaborate (hence the "we" since we will involve not only OSU students, but also persons from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Columbus and the developing world) to design low-cost non-polluting transportation.  Contact project leader Lisa Fiorentini.

Past International Projects: 

  1. One year, Guatemala (Reynolds et al.);
  2. A few years to El Salvador (EWB), South Africa,  ">Andy Ward, and Dominican Republic, Esfuerzo de Paraiso, Flood mitigation project by EWB.  See also the "History" tab. 
  3. Choluteca, Honduras, Roger Dzwonczyk: See course/project web site.
  4. Choluteca, Honduras, Howard Greene, see video about project.

  5. Haiti, Solar Education and Outreach: See organization web site and contact Roger Dzwonczyk.