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Socially Just Cities and Neighborhoods



These projects are based on partnerships between OSU faculty and students, community leaders, and non-profit organizations. They support the realization of community-defined priorities for affordable green, energy efficient housing development, job training opportunities, homeowner assistance with renovation, and practical, hands-on learning environments in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills development for local students. As part of the outreach and engagement component students and faculty engage in design workshops and outreach activities in the community. The objectives of the community design studios include (1) obtaining local perspectives of sustainable development, (2) providing vehicles for public participation in the planning and design process, (3) identifying design elements that contribute to enhancing the quality of life, and (4) educating and informing local interests about the program. Service-learning courses promote engagement and reflection, activities central to beneficial and sustainable university/community relationships. A key component of service learning is structured reflection.


Examples Recent Community Design Studios in Columbus:

Creating Sustainable Strategies for West Columbus - Camp Chase Trail

Sustainable Futures for Linden Village (and click here)

Weinland Park: Designing for People and Place