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Student Programs

OSU Humanitarian Engineering Scholars Program (managed by Rachel Tuttle)

One of a variety of scholars programs at OSU, the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars program promotes service-learning for the empowerment of the global community.

OSU Green Engineering Scholars Program (managed by Elizbeth Riter)

A scholars program at OSU focused on the theme of environment, sustainability, and sustainable design.

OSU Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) (

This pilot program gives OSU sophomores living on campus the chance to network with faculty and peers and to focus on personal development.  STEP enables students to pursue, among other "educational-enriching experiences", study abroad or service learning programs.

OSU Service-Learning Initiative (Director, Ola Ahlqvist)

The Service-Learning Initiative consists of OSU courses designed to "enhance student learning, develop student civic engagement, and foster ongoing collaboration with local and global communities".  Students who enroll in these courses complete relevant coursework while using their unique skills to serve others.