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Undergraduate/Graduate courses

  • Humanitarian Engineering course (ENGR 5050), Kevin Passino (offered Spring semesters, undergraduate and graduate students); at this link there is a detailed syllabus and a link to a free downloadable textbook on humanitarian engineering.
  • Computational Humanitarianism course, Kevin Passino (offered Autumn Semester of even years), at this link there is a detailed syllabus
  • Appropriate Technology for Developing CountriesGreg Bixler
  • Anti-Poverty Technology, at this link there is a detailed syllabus.  1cr, a Freshman Seminar, Offered Au17 and Sp18 by Kevin Passino.
  • Sustainable WaSH Infrastructure for Developing Rural Communities, CIVILEN 5610.01, Offered by Michael Hagenberger.  It is scheduled MW 3-4:20pm in HI 446 in Sp18. Working effectively with developing rural communities to identify and acquire their basic water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) infrastructure needs demands a combination of community development and engineering expertise. At an introductory level this course will bridge the gap between these two disciplines. It will provide the engineer with the knowledge of how to design sustainable WaSH infrastructure systems in the context of a community’s need, and it will provide the community development worker with basic engineering knowledge of WaSH systems to assist their work with communities to meet their infrastructure needs.

  • Certain classroom-based capstone design experience approaches